T-Mobile Announces Native Video Calling

T Mobile Logo AH 3

Out of all four of the major mobile networks in the U.S., T-Mobile is the one that is in the news the most, by far. The magenta carrier knows exactly what to do in order to get customers excited and get the other three major U.S. carriers all riled up. This is what gets T-Mobile in the news so often, which is sometimes bad and sometimes good. But another thing that gets T-Mobile in the news quite frequently is their innovations in the mobile world and this morning they announced yet another one.

T-Mobile is rolling out a newly announced native video calling service to some devices on their network today. This new video calling service will allow T-Mobile customers on supported devices to place video calls to other T-Mobile customers from within the devices stock dialer app. These video calls can only be made over an LTE connection or WiFi and will, not surprisingly, use your monthly data. T-Mobile also says that these video calls can be maintained seamlessly when transitioning from LTE to WiFi and vise-versa. Also, if you move from WiFi or LTE to a slower data connection, the video call will seamlessly transition to a regular voice call, automatically.

While T-Mobile is rolling out this new video calling ability to devices on their network today, it will only be two devices. Just like with most of T-Mobile’s new services the first devices to get the video calling update are the latest and greatest from Samsung, the Galaxy Note 5 and Galaxy S6 edge+. Next week the Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6 edge are due to receive the video calling service and by the end of the year T-Mobile says that seven devices total will support the service.

If you happen to own a Samsung Galaxy Note 5 or Galaxy S6 edge+ then you might already have the software update that adds the video calling support waiting on you. All you have to do is go to your device settings and go to software updates just like you normally would in order to update your devices’ software. If you have an update waiting on you then chances are pretty good that it’s the video calling update.