Stick With Android Sticks it to Apple in Best Way Possible


It's been a big week at Apple, what with the launch of some fancy new iPhones and iOS 9, and more interestingly, the launch of their first Android app. We say 'app' loosely, because it's not really an app in the traditional sense of Android apps, because it doesn't really extend the usefulness of your Android smartphone, instead it asks you to run for the hills into Apple's arms. The 'Move to iOS' app the Google Play Store just a few days ago, and while it is good to see Apple offering something that isn't just malware to spite non-iPhone users, it's taken them long enough. What has been a quick turnaround however, is the first Android app to throw mud right back at Cupertino. The Stick with Android app does exactly what it says it does; it lets you stick with Android.

The simple app, developed by Jonotthias allows you to Stick with Android over and over again, and it's garnered some pretty fun reviews as well. One of our personal favorites has to be from Mike Johnson who says that "After hearing all the hoo-hah about a new app from the rotten fruit company I thought I'd give this a try. Does exactly what it promises, in just one simple click all my accounts, apps, messages, phots, videos stayed exactly where they belong. At first I thought it was some kind of witchcraft because no app could be that fast at keeping everything I need right where I wanted it".

Stick with Android sports a fitting color scheme and supports Android devices all the way down to Android 4.0.3, Ice Cream Sandwich. It could be argued that this is yet another example of Google's Play Store supporting junk that doesn't do anything, but surely we can all make an exception for such an app as this. This sort of thing is all good fun and the app genuinely doesn't do anything to extend the usefulness of your Android phone, but then again you could say Apple's Move to iOS app did exactly the same thing.


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