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Walking War Robots is an action game for Android that blends MMORPG and multiplayer games like Call of Duty together, mixed together with awesome mechs. It's a game that offers a wide selection of different robots to choose from, as well as lots and lots of upgrades to keep perfecting your set of war machines. With intuitive controls and 10 minute online matches, WWR has a lot on offer for those looking for something competitive. Not to mention that the 3D graphics here are detailed, well-rendered and more than impressive for a smartphone of today. You take the battlefield in 6v6 multiplayer matches, and using the intuitive controls, you hunt down and destroy the other mechs while also holding strategic points on the map. It's all very easy to get into and it's action-packed as well. So, let's take a closer look, shall we?


To get up and running with your own walking robot, you need to go and download Walking War Robots from the Play Store. It's a free game, with no ads, but there are in-app purchases to extend the experience as well. Once you've done that you'll be sent to the hangar where your robot is placed, ready and waiting.

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You get one robot slot to start off with, but you can change things up by purchasing another slot and purchasing a new robot. This can be done using in-game cash, but if you want to top things up with real money, you can do.


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For now though, I want to see what this game is all about, and so I'm going to head into a battle. When the game is loading up, you'll be told how your team can win the match.

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The controls are quickly explained to you, and as someone who is more used to a PS4 controller, I was impressed at how easy this is to control.

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The variety of combat situations in War Walking Robots is pretty nice as well, you can attack from range using missiles.


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Or, you can approach up close and see how long you last in close-quarters combat.

2015-09-09 15.00.13


Here, I have managed to beat this opponent and you can see a sort of play-by-play in the top-right corner of the display.

2015-09-09 15.01.00

At the top of the display, in the center, there's a tally of how many robots remain on each side, and as you can see the blues (my team) have five left, beating the opposite team.


2015-09-09 15.01.15

Just as you would get at the end of a match in Call of Duty, you get awarded some coins and such at the end of each match.

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It's these rewards that can help you level up and offer up better weapons and the ability to get new robots. Speaking of which, the detail on the mechs is a really great way of showing off just how good the graphics here really are.

2015-09-09 14.56.37

Spending time playing War Walking Robots has been a great way of seeing just how far graphics in these sort of games has come on mobile devices. These looks better than graphics my old PS3 could have conjured up and the controls are really easy to learn and the combat feels good as well. With lots of particle effects, great sound effects and high-resolution textures, this is one of the best-looking games I've played on Android in quite some time. The ability to customize and upgrade your robots and have more than one of them is a great feature, and each robot has a unique look an feel to it, offering different choices in battle. I wish that there was something of an interactive tutorial or something like that, as it does sort of feel like the game just throws you in there, but it's not too difficult to get to grips with.


  • Speed (4/5) – Walking War Robots runs just fine and matches load quickly as well as the game constantly have a smooth and high frame rate.
  • Theme (5/5) – No doubt about it, Walking War Robots is one hell of a looker, with high-res textures, lots of particle effects and a wide variety of different robots it's a feast for your eyes.
  • Features (4/5) – With quick, 10 minute matches that have clearly defined match goals and just 6 v 6 games, it's easy to get into and there's a lot on offer to get your head round.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – With just a tutorial and a little story missing, Walking War Robots is great fun, and it works great on the majority of devices with excellent graphics and a smooth frame rate.


  • Lots of different robots to choose from, each with their own combination of weapons and upgrades and so on.
  • Great looking theme with excellent texture work as well particle effects and good sound effects to boot.
  • Quick and easy multiplayer matches make Walking War Robots a game anyone can play while also getting some competitive fun.
  • Doesn't feature ads and only asks for real money from those really interested in spending a lot of time playing the game and making the most of it.


  • No interactive tutorial to explain the menus or anything like that, it just sort of throws you in.
  • A storyline of some sort would be nice to complement all those excellent graphics.

Overall, Walking War Robots is an excellent game that works well no matter if you play it on your Android smartphone or tablet, and it's such a good multiplayer game that it can give people a competitive challenge while on the move. With elements of MMORPG games, via the customization and levelling system, Walking War Robots keeps players on their toes with a lot to offer.


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