Sponsored App Review: Rugby World Cup Live


Rugby World Cup Live 2015 wants to be the only Android app that Rugby fans will need during the World Cup. From September 18th to October 31st, this will be the one app for Rugby fans all over the world. Put together with a simple, good-looking Material Design, Rugby World Cup Live 2015 will deliver all the news, the results, the schedule and even a way to watch  live matches that might be geo restricted in a particular region. Free to download, with a quick interface, and no hassle access to the latest news and results, Rugby World Cup Live 2015 lets you follow your favorite teams through the tournament and it keeps everything you need in one place. So, let's see what it's all about, shall we?

As with other Android apps, this is a simple download from the Play Store, and then you can start to choose your favorite teams.


2015-09-11 07.46.31

You can choose as many teams as you like, but as a Brit, I chose Australia and the UK nations to follow through the cup. Then you need to log in, this is to keep all your favorite teams and such saved, and you can do so through G+ or Facebook as well as email.

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You're then taken into the main app, and you can pull put the menu from the side – as in any Material Design app – to get access to the many different menus.

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You can also use the main view to swipe through the latest results, upcoming matches and more.


2015-09-11 07.49.04

This is a great way of catching up with things you might have missed during the week, or over the weekend. Another view is the news view, great for catching up on the latest with a nice Material look and feel.

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Back to those favorite teams you picked when loading everything up, and you can quick access this from the slide-out menu, making sure you keep up with how they're progressing through the tournament.

2015-09-11 07.50.29

Carrying on from this, you can always take a look at player stats a well.


2015-09-11 07.51.59


Select from dozens of Rugby Memes to taunt your friends. This is great for that friendly rivalry fans have, after your team has beaten their favorites! Pick a Meme, the teams you want the Meme to be about, tag your friend and share on your Facebook wall!



You'll have noticed the "Watch Live" icon featured at the Japan v Uruguay match there, and when you click that, you're given some information on how to watch it.

2015-09-11 07.52.15


Essentially, what Rugby World Cup Live 2015 does here is to collect all the links to live online streams and put them in the comprehensive news app. The app may be dubbed as the complete package for Rugby fans and can be downloaded here. To be fair though, 2GB of bandwidth is about four times what you'd get normally with other free VPN solutions, and you can go ahead and visit the site anyway. Lucky for me it was a UK site and being in the UK, I was able to watch it. Outside of the UK however, and you wouldn't be able to watch it.

2015-09-11 07.52.51

Rugby World Cup Live 2015 is a fairly solid app. Rugby fans can also use PureVPN to access restricted streaming. For those not in a position to stream live – with data caps and whatnot – then the app will do just fine as a comprehensive news app that allows you to follow your favorite teams, players and quickly check the entire schedule of the tournament. For Rugby fans, and for the next month, this is a must-have app.


  • Speed (4/5) – With quick loading and a slick interface, this is a speedy offering that won't let you down.
  • Theme (4/5) – The Material Design look and feel here is great, and it all comes together well. Some custom backgrounds for different teams might be a nice touch, though.
  • Features (5/5) – Forget being able to watch matches live, the fact that this is not attached to any sort of sports channel or news network means users get the absolute facts, unbiased coverage and a great overview of everything that's going on.
  • Overall (4/5) – For those looking for the best way to catch all the news and updates during the 2015 Rugby World Cup, this is not only a way to watch live, but also one of the best, unbiased sources of pure info and news from everywhere else.


  • Offers up users a simple and easy way to follow your favorite Rugby teams around the world with ease.
  • Unbiased facts and coverage from all the matches, as well as news from sources all over the world.
  • Quick and simple way to get an overview of the whole schedule and see when your team is playing next and how to plan your days.
  • Rugby World Cup Live 2015 is easy to use and works on smartphones as well as tablets.


  • Does feel a little like an advertisement for PureVPN.
  • Custom themes for the different teams would be a nice touch.

Despite the fact that Rugby World Cup Live 2015 only really works for live matches when tied with the developer's own PureVPN app, it's an excellent tool for Rugby fans and I am sure that many of them will appreciate all of the tools at their disposal, and there's a whole lot on offer. It's free to download; works without the need for PureVPN – aside from live streaming matches – and it's a must-have for Rugby fans.