Sponsored App Review: Lost Lands 2


Lost Lands 2 is an interactive adventure game set in a fantasy world. You'll have to inspect and interact with various parts of the scene to progress further into the story, but certain things can only be interacted with after you've met certain requirements, like finding a specific item for example. Alongside the story and the onscreen interaction you have trying to discover things, certain parts of the game will introduce cutscenes which adds another element to the gameplay.

Before you can embark on adventure and save the world from evil, you'll want to head to the Play Store and download Lost Lands 2.


Lost Lands 2

As you begin your journey, you're immediately transported into a different world from the one you're in during the opening cutscene. Little flashes of light appear on screen to denote things you want to interact with, and touching them will allow you to do so.

Lost Lands 2


Some things you won't be able to interact with right away, but you are given clues as to what you may need to find in order to progress. If you end up getting stuck, there's even a hint button which you can tap to point you in the right direction. Use caution though when choosing the times on when to press it, as it does have a cooldown timer before it resets and you can use it again.


Certain parts of the game will also feature voice acting outside of the cutscenes which adds yet another layer of depth and immersiveness to the game. This should make those who enjoy immersive adventures quite pleased.



At any point you can open up the map to see where you've been and view other locations in the game where you'll be headed. This can help to give you a grasp on what those locations look like before you get there.



Every once in a while you might have to leave a specific item behind which you can't get to yet and may have to go back for it later. In this specific case there is a button you can tap that allows you to go back one screen at a time.


At any time you can also look back at the lore and story you've come into contact with so far by tapping the book in the bottom left corner of the screen which allows you to relive the story in a way.



Just below the book there is a button that opens up the menu that has all kinds of things like a strategic guide to help you, a list of tasks you've completed or need to complete, achievements you've obtained, as well as options and couple more things. There is also an immediate inventory you can see at all times which displays the items you currently have on hand. If you don't quite remember what they are you can tap on them to list what each item is.



If you thoroughly enjoy adventure games there is a lot to love here. Lost Lands 2 seems to have a deep and engaging storyline which should provide hours of gameplay. The mix of text, cutscenes and voice acting makes for a nice immersive experience for anyone playing the game, and the visuals and audio are also quite enjoyable.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – Fluid animation of cutscenes, movement between menus and screens. Gameplay was an overall smooth experience.
  • Features (5/5) – Lots to do here. Voice acting is a big plus, and the hint button was a nice touch to help players if needed.
  • Theme (5/5) – The visual style of overall theme fit the game quite well. Anyone looking to play an immersive fantasy adventure title shouldn't be displeased.
  • Overall (4.5/5) – Great overall adventure game with plenty to offer anyone who is a fan of the genre.


  • Loads of features including a hint button for help
  • cutscenes
  • voice acting
  • Great graphics
  • Immersive storytelling


  • Gameplay was a bit confusing at first, but the tutorial, if utilized, helps to walk you through what to do.


These types of adventure games aren't my personal style, but even I had fun with this title. The story was compelling enough to keep me wanting to play just a little bit more, and the fact there are numerous ways to help the player become acquainted with things ensure that stuff is challenging but never too difficult to be a turn off. Adventure game lovers should definitely check this one out.