Sponsored App Review: Koosh


Koosh is an app about creating interactive events with your friends and family, letting users share in the moments had within the videos and pictures that are included. You can create a koosh either with pictures or videos, then invite friends to share their own pictures and videos and create a giant collective of content for everyone to enjoy. It's a great way to create some really cool montages and let all the people included help to make it for a one of a kind interactive experience.

Before you can get started with making any montages, you'll want to head to the Play Store and download and install the Koosh app.



Koosh is a way for you to create interactive event montages of a collective of  images or videos from your own stash as well as those who you invite into the Koosh. You'll start by creating a Koosh profile, then it's as easy as selecting whether you want to create a video or an image koosh.

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Anyone who you want to invite will also have to be using the app, but Koosh has made it easy to invite others who aren't so you can start creating some really cool stuff with them. The app also has an integrated feature called "Koosh Air" that allows you to invite other Koosh users who are within a certain radius.

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You also specify what type of content you want added to your Koosh by selecting a category from the list of various options, including sports, photography, science, holiday, and more. You can also set things to private or public, and give the Koosh a title.

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Once you've created a few Kooshes, or just one, everything gets stored in your "My Koosh" section so you can go back and view them in one central place any time you like. Alternatively, you can also view other people's Koosh creations from the next tab over called the Koosh Library, where everything is listed off from the most recent Koosh from top to bottom.


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When viewing a Koosh you can leave comments or view comments left on your Koosh creations, and you can also like them hitting the star button, like them on Facebook, tweet them, or embed the Koosh to a webpage. You can also report content. When a new Koosh pops up or when people leave comments and interact with a Koosh you've made, there's a tab for notifications to see any interaction. There's also a nice pull down refresh animation.

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When other people have commented on a Koosh you can see all the interaction and comments on the main page after tapping on a Koosh to view it, allowing you to sort of reply to what others have said. Creating a Koosh is also fairly easy as you can drag and drop your photos in the order you wish before creating. You can also add audio to your picture kooshes, individual video clips, or the complete video koosh as of the latest update to add a little more liveliness. Once you're done editing, tap the "Koosh This" button to send it out and you're done.

Koosh can be a pretty cool app if you like sharing photos with others, and it can be a great way to get everyone involved in creating an interactive montage that everyone can view and discuss with comments and such. The app allow for even more social interaction by letting other Koosh users see your creations if they're made public and allowing them to be tweeted or liked through Facebook as well as embedded. It's a neat little app and could be especially fun for those who takes lots of pictures and record lots of video.


  • Speed (4.5/5) – Using the app was quite easy and never felt laggy, letting you get straight to viewing or creating content.
  • Features (3.5/5) – Definitely a few nice features here that social photo and video lovers will appreciate.
  • Theme (4/5) – The app looks nice and everything is easily accessible.
  • Overall (4/5) – Neat little app with some cool features, works well and could be fun interaction for those who love taking and sharing pictures and videos with others.


  • Social interaction by liking and tweeting Koosh creations
  • Ability to set as public or private
  • See others Koosh creations in the library
  • Ability to comment
  • Categorization to let people you invite know what you want for the koosh


  • App design is nice but a UI inspired by material design could benefit the app greatly



Definitely a great concept for sharing photos and videos with others, and it's neat you can invite others to collaborate with and allow them to add their own photos and videos to your creations. A unique social idea for an app that is a separate platform from simply posting your pictures and videos to social media.Google-Play-Banner-Get-it-On-Large1