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Country Music RADIO is an Android app that aims to deliver on its title; it's a radio app that serves up country music. Despite being a free app, Country Music RADIO features all the following genres Country, Rockabilly, Classic Country, New Country, Hit Country, Americana, Texas Country & Traditional Country. Country Music Radio is simple and easy to use and offers up artists like Taylor Swift, Justin Moore, Sheryl Crow and many, many more. Country Music RADIO features classic stations such as 92.5 XTU / WXTU, 181.fm – Real Country, Radio Free Texas, 181.FM – 90's Country, PolskaStacja Country, Country 108, WPUR – Cat Country 107.3, CKLQ, CFRM – 100.7 The Island, WDSY Y108, 94.1 FM KMPS and more.

Getting up and running with Country Music RADIO is as easy as downloading it from the Play Store and opening the app. You'll be given a simple warning not to use too much data, which is nice, as some users might not realise that these are internet streams of radio stations.


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Next up, you can go ahead and choose which station you want to listen to.




There's a massive list of different stations to choose from, and while the interface isn't exactly pretty, it's easy to make out which station you're listening to and from where. The Now Playing view is similarly simple, and just shows you the name of the artist and the song that's playing.




There's a simple little notification that shows you what you're listening to as well.

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Stopping the stream is nice and simple as well, but just remember that the app won't save your place as these are live Internet streams you're listening to.

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Country Music RADIO is a brutally simple Android app, and while it's not exactly a good-looking one, it gets the job done and then some. There are Country Music stations from all over the world available here, crossing all sorts of country genres and playing some of the best songs on the airwaves right now. It's something that I'm sure a lot of people will enjoy, but it could do with a better-looking interface overall, as the app look a little dated. Still, with just a few ads here and there to deal with, you got all the Country Music you can listen to, for free.



  • Speed (4/5) – This is a quick app, so long as you have a speedy connection, over 3G I had to wait a while for the streams to load, but 4G and WiFi was perfectly fine.
  • Theme (3/5) – The app is easy enough to use, but things feel a little dated and the station names can be difficult to make out.
  • Features (4/5) – To say that all you need to put up with is some ads, Country Music RADIO is an app that gives country lovers all the music they can listen to, in the classic way of getting it – radio!
  • Overall (3.5/5) – With a better look and feel, Country Music RADIO would be a nicer overall app, but as it stands, this is an app that delivers good music, even if it doesn't deliver good looks.


  • Super-easy and simple to use, without any hoops to jump through or anything like that.
  • Has oodles of different genres to choose from, giving every type of country music fan something to listen to.
  • Radio stations from all over the world are represented here, which is great for those looking for something different.
  • Only has ads to deal with, which are easily cancelled and makes this a free app.


  • App does feel a little dated in terms of look and feel.
  • Station names can be tricky to make out at times.

Country Music RADIO is an app that works well and doesn't ask much of the users to get up and running. It could do with a fresh new interface, but it's all about the music and Country Music RADIO works great for that. It can't get simpler than needing an internet connection and choosing a station, can it? With so much on offer, this is the radio app for country lovers no matter where they are in the world.



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