SEGA Launches New Match-3 RPG Game 'Puzzle & Glory'

Match-3 puzzle games can be fun, and RPG titles are great fun for those who enjoy the complex themes and immersion from getting connected to the unfolding backstory of each character. Both these games lend their play style fairly well to the mobile platform, but more recently there's been an influx of games that merge these two genres, and SEGA has just launched a new game onto Android that falls squarely in the middle of this category called Puzzle & Glory, taking the best parts of a match-3 puzzle game and fusing them with elements of role playing and adventure to bring in a unique and satisfying game experience for mobile gamers.

There appears to be some light story involved, so you'll be able to play and become connected to the backstory of the game's characters and the events within, but much of the game centers around the actual battle encounters which play out as a match-3 puzzle game. Matching and connecting strings of colored gems will help you unleash attacks on your enemies, and each character you use will have their own specific attributes and one or more colored gems which they have affixed to their character. Matching the gems that are the same color as your character will help you do more damage, as will matching larger strings.

Once in a while you'll also be able to power up you skill gauge and use a special attack, for example, one called "Deadly Strike" which happens to be the special attack of the character you play in the tutorial as you first open the game. Matching a specific gem type will power up this skill gauge and allow you to unleash it again during battle, so there's more incentive to matching certain gems. Once in a while the enemy will also have a chance to attack, and will turn one of the gems into a deadly gem which does quite a bit of damage if you don't match it up before the timer on it runs out. As you progress through the game, new heroes are obtained as cards to add to your collection. As this is a bit of an RPG each hero you collect will also have a set amount of health, but this can be raised the more you play with them and level up those characters. Puzzle & Glory is live in the Play Store as of now for free as SEGA launched it today, and if you enjoy RPG/adventure type games this mix of RPG and match-3 puzzler is perfect for a mobile setting and is easy to pick up and play any time.


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