Samsung S Health Now Available for Any Android Model

Samsung Galaxy S5 S Health Heart Rate AH 2

For a long time now, Samsung has been one-upping the majority of Android manufacturers with superior software inclusions. Not all of these inclusions were welcome of course, but for those looking for a device with everything included right from the get go, Samsung had people covered. One of their longer-standing inclusions is the S Health suite, a full gamut of features rolled into one neat little package that helps people keep healthy and monitor their activity. Certain Samsung devices, like the Galaxy S5 pictured above, had sensors built in to them to further augment the sensors built in to your average Android smartphone. Now, those average Android smartphones can join the party as it looks like Samsung has finally set S Health free.

As of writing, the S Health app is listed in the Play Store supporting devices running Android 4.4 KitKat and above. It’ll even install on an LG device we have lying around, as well as a Nexus 9, the changelog does say however that “Tablets and some mobile devices may not be supported. Some functions may not be available based on (regions/service providers/devices).” The S Health app appears to be very similar to what you’d get on a Galaxy S6 for instance, and delivers many of the same functions that Google Fit and competitors offer. For an overview of how active you’ve been, how many steps you’ve taken and more, Samsung now has an app for that, for everyone.

Perhaps Samsung have taken a leaf out of their new friend Microsoft’s book, allowing other platforms and manufacturers to play ball as well, but it more likely than not has a lot to do with the upcoming Gear S2, which will work on non-Samsung devices. This is a pretty clever move of Samsung’s and we’re hoping it’s the first of many apps of theirs to hit the Play Store. You might be wondering why, but if you get a taste of what Samsung is known for on Android, then you’re more likely to explore getting a Samsung device next time around. Besides, Samsung have this big competitor called Apple, who have been enjoying some serious praise for the health features from the Apple Watch, and we’re sure Samsung is keen to point out they were here first.