Samsung's New Ad Highlights How Easy It Is To Use Samsung Pay

As Samsung Pay launches today in the US, Samsung has cranked up its advertising by releasing yet another commercial to show just how easy and convenient it is to use Samsung Pay.  However, even more than that, Samsung is trying to differentiate itself from Android Pay that uses NFC and requires a retailer to have the 'tap' feature and Apple Pay that requires each retailer to purchase a reader just for Apple users.  Samsung wisely purchased LoopPay early this year and what it does is to allow a registered Samsung smartphone - Galaxy S6 through Galaxy Note 5 - to pay using either NFC or MST (Magnetic Secure Transmission), meaning that a Samsung Pay device can make a purchase at almost all retailers that also allow you to swipe your card - which is virtually all of them.

Not only can you pay at almost all existing retailers without them having to purchase existing equipment, it performs the transaction more securely by generating a random token number that is passed to the retailer's system for payment - they never see your credit card number and neither can any hackers that steal the retailer's credit information.  Very slick, easy to use and very secure.  When we say almost all retailers, it may not work at a gas pump where you slide you card in and out of a slot...there you may have to go inside to use Samsung Pay at the register.

The video is a pleasure to watch and is much for a customer using Samsung Pay as it is for the retailer.  The first and last purchases are the best examples - in the first a gentleman purchases a cup of coffee at a 'Ma and Pa' owned storefront and the nice old lady asks how he would like to pay for that and he says that he will just use his phone.  The rather stunned woman says they do not "have that here," as he holds his phone over their card swipe and it prints out a paid receipt.  He smiles and leaves as she turns toward her clueless husband and proceeds to grill him, "did you install something?" and the poor old guy just shakes his head no.  In the last segment, a young man is paying for his food at a fast food truck parked along the curb and he says to them, "I hope the irony of me using my mobile to pay for food at a mobile is not lost on you gentlemen."  In between, there are several other well-thought out ads and you can check them out in the video below that claims at the end, "The most accepted mobile payment.  Samsung Pay."

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