Samsung Introduces New Messaging App, Socializer Messenger

Samsung is certainly not a company that is not afraid to take risks. After its instant messaging app ChatON failed to gain a wide following, the company went back to the drawing board to develop a new instant messaging app. Just recently, it released the app named Socializer Messenger (Socializer for short) for public download on Google Play. Samsung expects this app to outshine other instant messaging apps like Messenger and WhatsApp because it contains features that make it somewhat unique.

The app is based on the open source project, "Telegram for Android" and it uses the Social Web App Platform (SWAP) which is created by the developers at Samsung. This app makes it easier for end users share to web applications with each other. The unique part of it is that the applications do not require prior installation or syncing to be shared in the chatrooms of the app. The Socializer app does more than just send messages, images, videos, emoji's or stickers. It enables users to play games with each other and it has a dual-screen function so that users can enjoy a game while having the ability to chat at the same time. There is also a minimize/maximize button around the screen for you to tap on to switch between a game to chat for awhile then come back to the game.

This app benefits not just end users but developers as well.  If you have the app developing skills, you can register, develop your web app and manage it within Socializer. You will be given a guide and a tutorial on how to create web apps with JavaScript API (Application Program Interface). The app could be the perfect place for content providers because it allows them develop their own app store for users to purchase their content or to display advertisements, thus providing them with a source income. That way, after-sales service can be quickly dispensed and apps easily maintained. This new system has the potential to change the way they operate for the greater good. It gives them the creative space to do something new. Samsung has declared this app as, "Taking mobile communications to the next level". It aims to benefit end users, web app developers and content providers at the same time. However, time will only tell as Samsung has quite the reputation of creating apps that only gain a limited following.

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