Why The Samsung Gear S2 Adopts A Circular Design

The Samsung Gear S2 is a smartwatch that you can connect to your Android handphone and use it answer calls. Unlike its predecessors, it can run on almost any smartphone which is running the Android OS, not just Samsung-made devices. There is a bare minimum requirement for the smartphone that it's connected to, it must be running at least Android 4.4 (KitKat) OS or above and has a good Bluetooth transmitter. It looks like a normal watch and you wear it like your regular watch, but it packs quite a punch with its multiple functions. This nifty device enables you to receive messages, weather forecasts and calendar information. It can assist you in keep track your fitness regimen or even monitoring you heartbeat. All these functions are conveniently located on your wrist, where it is easily accessible and spares you the trouble of fumbling in your pockets just to look at your smartphone when you are in the middle of an important meeting or riding in a crowded train. With this device, you just have to lift up your hand and look at your wrist or hold your hand up to your ear to answer a call. The top of the watch or bezel is capable of rotating, allowing you to change the functions within the device by simply turning the bezel around.

All of these functions and convenience that this device offers can be attributed to Eunjoo Kim, the principle designer of the Gear S2. According to her, her says that the principle design behind this device is not cosmetics but relevant function. Kim says this, "We pay attention to what the timepiece really means to our daily life". What she says is true, if the device cannot be used in everyday life whats is the use of buying it? The round shape is tailored for users who do not mind the fact that their device is shaped like an old-fashioned watch. The users which Samsung is setting their sights on are those who are working in a semi or professional job, where those wearing digital or snazzy-looking watches are not looked upon as being professional.

Kim adds that the design of the watch has its challenges. A circular design can limit the way you interact with the device and there is less space for you to view your messages. Compared to a square design which has more space, the round shape to some extent restricts your movements. This is why the device has a rotatable bezel, which makes the interaction with the device much easier. In fact, the rotating bezel makes it even easier to switch the device's functions than smartwatch with a square design.

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