Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Screen Freeze Issue Has A Fix!

Even the best of smartphones have their unique quirks, and the new Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is no exception to this. And there's a solution to most of the bugs, either provided by the manufacturer, or nifty little hacks devised by the users and the developers. Sometimes the solutions are as simple as two or three steps without any impending hassle. It might be a bit more complicated in other cases, depending on what the user is trying to do. Fortunately, one of the most recent bugs plaguing the new flagship Note smartphone has an easy fix.

One of the most common bugs the Galaxy Note 5 is plagued with is its screen freezing, especially when unlocking the device. Some users reported this issue to last around two to five seconds while others reported long and painful waits of up to ten seconds. The prospect of a new $700 phone freezing every other time you try to unlock it is not pleasing. Thankfully, it has got an easy fix.

According to SamMobile, you have to access the stock recovery of the device and wipe the cache partition to fix the screen freeze issue. The steps are detailed below. Be sure to follow them for a proper fix or you might end up somewhere unpleasant. First, switch off the Note 5 by long pressing the Power Button and selecting Power Off from the on-screen menu. When the device shuts down, long press the Power, Volume Up and Home Button simultaneously until the Android mascot logo appears on the screen. This finger-acrobatic is your ticket to the recovery menu. When the recovery menu appears, navigate using the volume rocker, and use the power button to select options from the menu. Highlight the option titled 'Wipe Cache Partition' and press the power button to select it. Let the system perform the wipe and be aware that it might take a significant amount of time, and the phone will be unusable during the time you are accessing the recovery. Keep that in mind while performing this. Finally, press the power button again to reboot the system, and hopefully the issue should be gone.

After finishing the process described above, you should note an improvement and the issue should be gone altogether, as a cache malfunction is what was causing the problem in the first place. If you do happen to run into the issue again, it might be rogue apps, and a hard reset might be in the cue.

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