Samsung Fails To Impress Apple Buyers With Comfy Campaign

On Regent Street, London there was a long line of people waiting outside an Apple Store in the chilly morning. The people in the line were buyers who had been waiting for hours to get their hands on the coveted iPhone6S. As they waited, people with blue jackets came up to them and gave them water bottles, blankets and pillows. There was something curious about this, the people who were giving out the items had this hashtag #NextisNew printed on their jackets. Each item they were giving out was blue coloured and they also displayed the same hashtag. Some of the customers in the line were pleasantly surprised by this unexpected service, but most of them were not very impressed when they saw the hashtag. When questioned, a representative from the blue-jacketed people replied that they were from a marketing company called Iris. The representative mentioned that in addition to the free stuff given out, they will be taking a video of it. When further questioned about who Iris working for to give out the free stuff, the representative replied that he does not know who hired them.

A quick background search on the internet reveals that Iris is a global marketing company which lists Samsung as one of its clients. Iris has previously worked with Samsung during the London Fashion Week. This giveaway of free stuff to the waiting customers were obviously part of an advertisement campaign by Samsung. In the past, it has used this #NexisNew hashtag when it launched Galaxy S6 edge+ and Galaxy Note 5. When another online search was done regarding the hashtag, there was nothing except for a tweet on Twitter by @arneleobertoia which says this,

"So. Samsung is trying to win over peple in the apple que for the iPhone 6S, by giving us free stuff. With the stupid #nextisnew... #apple"

Samsung has been trying to get apple customers to switch to their products and once, even once christened them iSheep in a jab at their willingness to wait in long lines to buy Apple products. It currently has a campaign that allows you to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge without queuing up for it. The lack of attention online regarding the #NextisNew hashtag can be considered a campaign backfire in Samsung's face. Smartphone customers are usually discerning people and they dislike getting insulted or attempted enticement by a company to buy their products.

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