Samsung Could Launch a Foldable Smartphone in January

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We've joked about it a few times, that smartphones are getting so big, we are going to need to be able to fold them up to slide them into our pockets. Samsung must have heard us, as they've been working on a smartphone that can fold up. Now this isn't exactly new to Samsung as we've seen a few demos of their foldable displays in recent years. But just because the display can be folded doesn't mean the inside of the phone can be. But it looks like Samsung has found a way to do so. According to a post over on Weibo this morning, it appears that this foldable smartphone could be available in January. Which makes it likely to see an announcement from Samsung at CES which is the first week of January every year.

What's interesting here is that Sammobile is stating it's going to be running the Snapdragon 820 chipset. They also state that the device will act as a testbed for the Snapdragon 820. As we've reported on several times, Samsung opted to stick with their Exynos 7420 chipset this year, likely due to the overheating problems that the Snapdragon 810 has had. We've also reported that Samsung has been working on the Snapdragon 820 for the Galaxy S7, to make sure it's up to their standards. It looks like we'll get our first look at the Snapdragon 820 in this foldable smartphone, however.


Another thing that's interesting here is that this smartphone is also being tested with a Snapdragon 620 processor, not as high-end as the Snapdragon 820, but both will have Quick Charge 3.0, so there's that. It would appear that Samsung is testing to see which one performs better, in this new style. We're also looking at 3GB of RAM, with a sealed battery and a microSD card slot. This could signal a return of microSD to the Galaxy S and Galaxy Note lines in 2016 however.

Imagine having a smartphone that you can fold up and just slide into your pocket. Sounds pretty amazing, right? It would definitely make having a larger screen smartphone much easier for those that wear skinny jeans.

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