Samsung Announces New 6GB RAM Chips For Smartphones

As tablets and smartphones sales keep declining, it's time for companies to really innovate in order to convince consumers that new generation products are worth buying. Samsung actually included a lot of the most current technology in their most recent offerings, the Galaxy S6 series and the Note 5 such as LPDDR4 RAM modules. LPDDR4 (Low Power Double Data Rate series 4) is not as new as you might think, Samsung was the one who introduce these modules on December 2013 built under a 20nm process, but it was this year when companies started to include this kind of modules in their products. The modules featured 8 Gigabit LPDDR4 chips (notice it is Gigabit and not Gigabyte), and since 1 byte has 8 bits, 8 Gigabits equals 1 Gigabyte. That made possible for devices like the Note 5 to have 4 GB of RAM.

Now, Samsung has announced 12 Gigabit memory chips made under the same process of 20 nm. Doing the same conversion as before, 12 Gigabit is equivalent to 1.5 GB and since they are being made under the same process and they are compatible with current technology, combining 4 of these new chips that will take the same space, could now give a total of 6 GB of RAM. Obviously, this indicates that we could see smartphones sporting 6 GB of RAM in the future. It might be a little soon for the new chips to be in the next generation of flagship devices, as the adoption of LPDDR4 has been rather slow.

LPDDR4 is already really fast, with a 50 percent better performance than the chips it succeeded while consuming less energy at 1.1 volts. This, paired with processors with 64-bit architecture already results in devices that provide excellent performance even when multitasking and some graphic-intensive apps so imagine what could be done with 6 GB LPDDR4! RAM memory is used, for example, while recording slow-mo videos as 120 frames per second are recorded to achieve this effect, so if you think of increasing the resolution, you have to increase the amount of RAM. Graphic intensive games also use this resource as they also use the integrated GPU, but once again, the increased resolution of the screens in future devices might see the benefit of more RAM.

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