Samsung Announce SleepSense to Definitively Track Sleep

Samsung SleepSense AH

Fitness trackers have been around for a long time now, and they offer up sleep tracking as a de facto feature. The Fitbit, Samsung's own Gear Fit and a myriad of other offerings aim to provide you with at least some sort of information on how well you've slept. The problem with these however, is that they're just strapped to your wrist, which means they can only monitor the movement in one arm, which doesn't exactly give you the whole picture of sleep or restlessness. So, how does Samsung's new SleepSense device aim to change this? By having you rest underneath your pillow, naturally.

The 1cm thick disc is designed to be placed underneath you as you sleep, and syncs directly with your smartphone, such as the Galaxy S6 Edge+, in order to give you detailed and minute information about how you slept. This information includes respiratory info, movement and even an estimated heart rate, too. This does seem a little extreme, but if you're a particularly restless sleeper or suffer from a sleep disorder, something like this would prove more useful than a simple wrist-tracker. More than that however, it can sync with a Samsung SmartThings Hub and connect to other appliances in your home. The idea being that if your moving around a lot when the air con is set quite low, the air con can be turned up a little without you having to wake or do a thing. A gentle alarm from your phone when you're a light sleep and so on. Arguably the coolest thing here however, is that your coffee machine could be turned on just as you're waking up, what a time to be alive.


Samsung is looking ahead to the Internet of Things market as a real, genuine source of revenue in the future. With all of their digital appliances from your washing machine to your smartphone, Samsung have a unique opportunity to offer consumers the home of the future. The question is however, will people be willing to buy everything Samsung to obtain that future. The Internet of Things is definitely taking off as a new sector in the industry, and Samsung is looking to be at the heart of it all.

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