Rumor: Samsung Increase Workforce On Snapdragon 820 For GS7


Qualcomm is one of the most popular manufacturers of SoC's that are used in smartphones and other mobile devices, but this year, the company has been having some hard times as their current high-end offering, the Snapdragon 810 didn't provide the best results in terms of performance as it was expected. Additionally, we're still talking about the overheating issues of that processor which were present even before it was released. A revised version of the processor was supposedly included in most smartphones, but the problems persisted even after a few software updates from each of the manufacturers. This has apparently led some manufacturers to find their own solutionsĀ to cool down their devices.

These issues could have been the reason why Samsung chose to use their own Exynos processors in their most recent flagship offerings including the Galaxy S6 series and the Galaxy Note 5. Their processors proved to offer an outstanding level of performance in terms of benchmark test results and everyday use. Another theory as to why did Samsung decided to include their own processors was to show the world their capabilities and perhaps motivate some other manufacturers to use them as well. Of course, this would not be great for Qualcomm which is likely one of the reasons why reports are already stating that Qualcomm's next high-end processor, the Snapdragon 820, is already being tested inĀ Samsung's next flagship device.


Now, a new rumor suggests that Samsung has sent some more of their engineers to work on optimizing the Snapdragon 820 for their own devices. Back before the Galaxy S6 devices were released, rumors suggested that Qualcomm was changing certain aspects of the processor for these devices, which was likely to have been a sore point for other manufacturers that used the unmodified version. The new rumor would further suggest that Samsung is the first company to have access to the new processor, which might also not be the best news for other manufacturers that may want to use the Snapdragon 820. Another possibility is that the two companies could end up working together in the production using Samsung's manufacturing process. It might be too early to be talking about all of these possibilities, so we will have to wait to see how the rest of the story develops. Either way, Qualcomm is likely to be working hard to recover their good reputation, including accommodating the likes of Samsung to keep their popularity among Android devices.

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