Rumor: Nexus Pre-Orders To Open October 13th

AH Nexus Chris 15 LOGO

You may have thought that with IFA pretty much concluded now, that the rumors and speculation would finally start to ease off after the last few months. However, that seems unlikely to be the case. HTC is expected to be releasing a smartphone soon and it was only this morning when the latest news on this came through and detailing a launch event where the “world best will meet the best” is to take place on September 29th. This is interestingly, the exact same date which is being touted for the unveiling of the next two Nexus devices.

Well, following on with the Nexus speculation, a new report is coming through today which suggests that as well as the two Nexus devices being unveiled on September 29th, they will both become available to pre-order starting from October 13th. This is exactly two weeks after the launch is due to take place and will fall somewhat in line with the unveiling/pre-order times of previous Nexus models (give or take). However, it is worth pointing out that this information is coming from an unnamed source and therefore, does need to be taken with a pinch of skepticism. Not to mention, no further details are being provided other than the pre-order date and as such, there is no indications on when pre-orders will be fulfilled and shipping will begin.

In term of the devices, it seems almost guaranteed now that there will be two, one made by Huawei and one made by LG. The Huawei Nexus is expected to be the more high-end offering and the bigger of the two devices in terms of size. While the LG option, is expected to be a refresh of the LG Nexus 5. Both devices have been the subject of mass speculation over the last few months with one of the most recent rumors suggesting the LG Nexus, (said to be the LG Nexus 5X) will come priced at $400. As such, it does looks like the rest of September (and most probably October too) is likely to continue to be busy months in terms of speculation and rumors.