Rogers Announces Share Everything+ Plan

In yet another attempt to bring attention to itself under the pretense of offering you more features for less other words, a better value...Rogers has once again changed its plans.  The new tier is called Share Everything+, which seems to be the new go-to suffix to indicate that what you are getting is more or plus the usual.  These new plans consolidate what Rogers calls 'premium add-ons' such as Spotify, Shomi, and Next Issue Canada  - programs through various partners or sub-brands that are tagged on to an existing plan to create the '+' at the end of Share Everything.

Rogers is then quick to point out the 'value' these add-ons are 'saving' you - with Spotify it is value up to $29.97 a month for up to three lines - Shomi gives you a value of $8.99 a month - and Next Issue Canada saves you $9.99 a month.  Every account that signs up for the Share Everything+ plan can choose between one of these premium add-ons.  You can have 24 months of Spotify Premium (for three and two additional family members), Shomi or Next Issue Canada.

Rogers also increased the number on the Share Everything+ plan to include yourself and nine others.  These nine other members of your plan can now choose between unlimited local and unlimited nationwide calling with a potential discount of $5 per month - previously the members of your plans had to use the options the original owner agreed to on the initial plan.  Rogers is also starting to show signs of its departure from subsidiaries by altered its terminology to reflect those changes.  They now offer a 'Premium Tab' and a 'Smart Tab," so no matter which one you choose it sounds good.  They differ only in the amount of the device subsidy they offer when you purchase a smartphone.

Compared to the up-front pricing in both tiers, users can save themselves $75 over a 24 month period, however, for more expensive devices like the Galaxy Note 4, it is better to buy it on a Smart Tab and save $10 per month over buying it outright to save $20 a month because of the current subsidy.  In an email to our source, Raj Doshi, Rogers' Executive Vice President of Wireless says, "the time is right for such a change.  People are using their phones for more than just sending emails, texting or making a call - they've become portable entertainment devices.  More than half of digital content is now consumed on mobile devices, which is why we are introducing our new Share Everything+ plans.  We designed these fully loaded, customizable plans to meet the needs of every family.  Families can choose one content experience they want to enjoy - unlimited music with 3 Spotify Premium accounts, TV and movies with Shomi or the latest news and magazines with Next Issue - and share across devices and family members on the plan."

Rogers also very quietly altered their data overage rates - rather than paying $15 for each gigabyte of overage, you will now pay $5 per 100MB, which translates to an unbelievable $50 per gigabyte for overages.  The plan details are listed below in our gallery and we encourage you to take a close look at them.  Will these new add-ons help differentiate Rogers from the other carriers enough to gain new customers?  While they had a net gain of wireless subscribers last quarter, it remains to see if it will continue as Rogers shakes things up.

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