Reported Image Of The Lenovo 'Lemon X' Smartphone Leaks

lenovo lemon x

The popular smartphone leaker, @upleaks has done it again, this time with a leaked image of what is supposedly the first Lenovo smartphone designed my Motorola. Of course, at this point in time and with the device not yet being official, there is no way to actually tell if the Lenovo smartphone is indeed Motorola-designed. Although, a statement by Lenovo paired with the design of the ‘Lemon X’ strongly suggest that Motorola was involved with the design of the device.

If you simply look at the leaked image of the Lemon X, you can see some slight resemblances between it and some of Motorola’s more recent smartphones. The biggest of these resemblances seems to be the antennae band wrapped around the outer edge of the device, something that you can see in Motorola’s Moto X smartphones as well as the Nexus 6. Some other similar design cues of the Lemon X are the oval-shaped metal that wraps around the camera and fingerprint sensor on the back of the device, and the overall shape of the device itself.

Another good reason to believe that the leaked Lemon X device was designed by Motorola is from a statement made by Lenovo. This statement comes from the company’s 1st quarter results where the company said, “Mobile Business Group will continue to drive the overall mobile business, but will now rely on Motorola to design, develop and manufacture smartphone products.” As you can see, Lenovo clearly suggests that Motorola will be designing Lenovo’s upcoming smartphones.

Besides the leaked image itself, there is no other information about the device currently available. Although, based on the current smartphone market you can draw the conclusion that the Lemon X will likely only contain mid-range hardware. Also, from what appears to be a fingerprint sensor located on the back of the device, and if Lenovo is smart, the device will likely be running Android Marshmallow out of the box. Android Marshmallow combined with some nice Dolby Digital dual front-facing speakers and a decent camera could make a great device, in spite of it being a mid-range one. For now though, we will just have to wait and see what Lenovo has in store for the smartphone world going forward.