Qnovo Target 2016 Smartphones With $8.6M Funding & Intel Backing


Battery life is one of the most prevailing issues for any smartphone or mobile device owner. Although, batteries do come with bigger capacities nowadays, they also come with more powerful components which further strain batteries and almost counteract the increase in capacities to begin with. Not to mention, bigger batteries have the added issue of needing a longer time to charge back up to their full potential. Well, this is where aspects like fast charging and quick charging have come in and now, most flagship devices come with one of these tweaks including in their software to make use of the much improved charging speeds and reduced charging times. Providing consumers with the option to have a bigger battery without having to sacrifice charging times, performance or battery life. Qnovo is one of the companies who works in the advanced charging market and has been making massive strides with their faster charging solutions and now look set to continue these strides going forward into next year.

Qnovo has today announced that they have just completed a Series B round of funding in which they have secured $8.6 million in investments. In doing so, Qnovo has secured backing from a number of existing investors including RockPort Capital, US Venture Partners and Bluerun Ventures. Not to mention, their latest round sees newer investors coming aboard and most notably, Intel Capital. In fact, the Intel backing is more than just a financial one as the two companies look set to collaborate going forward and expanding jointly into other areas.


According to Qnovo, the latest round of funding is designed with a view to incorporate their adaptive charging technology into 2016 smartphones from launch. Not to mention, Qnovo also state their collaboration with Intel, will see the technology expanding into other new areas such as wearable devices. According to Qnovo CEO, Nadim Maluf, "Consumers will see in 2016 new smartphones with Qnovo's technology. With Intel's backing, we are primed to extend our compelling battery improvements beyond smartphones into notebooks and wearables." While speaking on the collaboration with Qnovo, Vice President of Intel's New Devices Group, Steve Holmes, "Qnovo has developed technology to make today's batteries perform better. We look forward to improving the experience of our shared customers." As such, 2016 looks set to be an interesting year for mobile device manufacturers and consumers alike and in the field of battery solutions in general.

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