Plock It Is A Visual Delight Feeding You Mind Bending Puzzles

Puzzle games can be great fun for the sheer aspect of making your stretch your mind to its limits trying to solve the mysteries laid out before you. Some puzzle titles are more challenging than others but all of them test your thinking skills and put your brain power to the test. Plock It is a game that follows this trend with a series of levels that increase in difficulty as you progress further into it. It's not packed full of gorgeous 3D graphics, but the visuals are quite pleasing, giving Plock It a well-rounded set of offerings for anyone looking to snag just a really great game.

Plock It is al about spatial awareness. The goal of the game is to get the little ball all the way to the bottom of the platform and into the hole in as little moves as possible. You also only have a certain number of moves so if you're not quick on your feet you'll end up expending them and have to start over. This is simple enough at first, but not too long into the game things get a little harder. The game grid is set up as a tower of cubes that you can spin in either direction, and you can also spin the whole structure by swiping your finger across the bottom fo the screen.

Each time you spin a platform you'll use up one move out of your total and if you made the correct move your ball will fall into place further down the platform. If you're unsure of which way to spin the part of the platform the ball is on, this is where twisting the whole structure comes in handy so you can gain perspective of where the connecting holes are that can lead the ball down. In some levels you'll also encounter immovable objects or platform sections that can't be twisted, and this is just one set of obstacles you'll have to find ways around. In addition to only having a certain number of moves you can make on each level, you also have a certain number of lives to start off with, five in total, and once these run out you'll either have to wait for them to regenerate over time or presumably pay via the IAP's to regenerate them immediately. If you want a challenging puzzle game that you can play casually, Plock It is a good start.

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