Pinterest Currently Has More Than 100 Million Monthly Users

AH GOOGLE IO 2014 11

On Wednesday, Pinterest announced that the site has hit the mark of 100 million monthly users. This is the very first time that the company is revealing data about its amount of users. According to the company, up to 70 percent of the 100 million monthly users do not solely visit the site for fun, they will usually find something that deeply piques their curiosity. These users will usually save those pictures for future reference or click on their photos of interest to find out more background information concerning the photo. The company revealed that the number of searches made in Pinterest during this year had increased by 81 percent compared to that of last year’s. The number of users has doubled during the 1.5 years and the amount of international users have increased twofold during 2014.

For those who are not sure about what Pinterest is all about, it is a web and mobile application company that runs a photo sharing website called Pinterest. It is a free website that requires you to make an account in order to use it. You can save photos or videos that other people upload on the site or you can upload your own content for other people to see. All photos that are in the site have a virtual “pin” button that allows you to click on it and save the image to your own account. Hence, the site’s name Pinterest. To “pin” a photo is akin to sharing another user’s post, picture or video on Facebook. This site is mainly used by private users who want to share or save their best photos. Companies also use it to promote their products.

During the last few years, Pinterest has not been attracting as many users as Facebook or Twitter. It has remained a considerably low-profile site internationally until quite recently. It started to gain popularity due to the influence of popular media. In light of the increasingly large amount of monthly users who use the site, the number of users will increase with time. Slowly but surely, Pinterest will continue to grow, even though Tumblr is the current popular photo sharing site.