Pick Up this 12-week Course and Learn to Code apps & More

September 17, 2015 - Written By Alexander Maxham

In this day and age, programming and coding is a pretty popular thing. With technology ever-growing, programmers are always in demand. While some go to college to learn about coding and programming, some can learn from a bundle of lessons like this Interactive Coding Bootcamp that is available on the Android Headlines Deals Store today. The bootcamp will help you become a job-ready developer, as it will help you build a portfolio of real-world apps and interacting 1-on-1 with mentors that are in the field. Want robust training, look no further. You’ll get live instruction and job-hunting assistance. That is in addition to the over 30 hours of video courses. Which include a few from Stanford, Harvard and other top schools. This extensive 12-week curriculum is definitely a good buy.

You’ll be studying front-end development with CSS, HTML, Javascript, jQuery and frameworks like AngularJS. Learning back-end development with Ruby on Rails, Node.js, e-commerce, databases and much more. You can pick up this Interactive Coding Bootcamp from the Android Headlines Deals store now for just $39. It’s normal price is $499, making this  a huge sale, and definitely one you’ll want to take advantage of. But you’d better hurry, the offer ends at midnight tonight!