Oppo Sees Great Potential In Indian Markets

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Numerous smartphone manufacturers have over the past few years started to notice the importance of one of the world’s market that was previously overly underrated. There have been a lot of announcements from major OEMs in which they state how India has become such an important part of the global smartphone market and that they are planning to expand in the region as soon as possible, before it stops expanding and becomes settled. Today, yet another company has made public its plans to join other smartphone manufacturers in India; following its Chinese competitors Xiaomi and Gionee’s plans to gain some prominence in India, Oppo is the latest OEM to pursue a significant expansion into Indian markets. As of today, India is the third largest smartphone OEM in the whole world, which means that a strong presence in the region would bring a lot of positive consequences both financially and popularity-wise. The war for a fraction of India’s total smartphone market has become one of the top priorities for both major smartphone manufacturers and new startups looking to make a name for their company.

“India is one of the most important part of our expansion plans around the world… We are exploring options. We are in discussions with Foxconn, its almost in the final stages, we will have more clarity by October”, Oppo Mobiles India CEO Mike Wang stated during several discussions with the electronics enterprise, Foxconn. Oppo just entered the region’s market last year; but until today, its growth plans remained somewhat secretive. Fortunately the company sees great potential in India’s market, which will give them a significant boost in sales. Although as of right now, Oppo is planning to partner up with Foxconn, Mike Wang noted that at some point in the future, the company is planning to set up its own assembly line so that Oppo doesn’t rely on a third party to sell its handsets in the country.

Oppo’s announcement comes a bit late to the game as there have been several other companies that have already established their manufacturing plans in India, and have already gained a lot of prominence in the region. Samsung was one of the first manufacturers to begin producing their own smartphones in India, something that has given the company a boost in its overall sales. HTC, Sony, and Motorola, are other major manufacturers that plan to establish their own assembly lines in India, but it hasn’t been stated when exactly will their production begin. India’s smartphone market will surely continue to expand, which means that more companies will seek to gain a good position in the region, generating a lot of new rivalries between manufacturers.