OnePlus Now Teasing “Bit Of Welcome Luxury” Coming Soon

September 11, 2015 - Written By John Anon

It was only yesterday when OnePlus sent out a blog post admitting that they had “messed up” with the launch of the OnePlus 2. In explaining this, OnePlus said that it is difficult to deal with hardware and that they are still a young company and this had led to a disappointing number of invites being offered and devices being received by those interested. In concluding the announcement, OnePlus said that going forward they would no long make promises prior to a launch. However, the company never said anything about stopping their teasing of products before they are launched.

This is something the company has done almost routinely with each product they have unveiled. Although, the big tease was for the OnePlus 2, which continued for months on end with a drip-feeding approach to specs, the company has also adopted the teasing approach with some of their smaller products like the DR-1 drone they launched earlier this year. Well, a day after the ‘messed up’ admittance and OnePlus is back to teasing something that is “coming soon”.

An image sent out on various social media platforms this morning comes with the tagline “A bit of welcome luxury“. To further highlight that this is something new, the image also comes with the message “Something luxurious is coming to OnePlus. What could it be?” and again looks to be building excitement around an upcoming product. There has been sustained confirmation from OnePlus that there will be a third OnePlus device arriving before the year is out, however, it does seem unlikely that this is referring to that particular device. Due to the “luxury” comment, it seems highly unlikely this is referring to the next OnePlus device as that device is largely thought to be more of a mid or budget ranged offering which will not be more luxurious than the OnePlus 2. As such, the more likely option for this latest tease is that it is an accessory for the OnePlus 2. Possible a case or new back cover. Of course, if you have enjoyed the previous guessing games with OnePlus, then you can head over to any of their social media platforms and offer your guesses.