NVIDIA Explains Why Apple TV Is No Comparison To SHIELD


Yesterday, Apple took to the stage and unveiled a number of their newer products. One of those that was announced was the highly talked about Apple TV. Bringing Apple’s way of doing things to your living room’s big screen. Powered by Siri, Apple TV offers its users the about to run the also newly announced TVOS apps on your TV. The price for the device was set at $149 for the 32GB version and $199 for the 64GB version.

Of course, the Android equivalent, Android TV, has been around for some time and offering much of the same features and more. Well, from the Android perspective, the NVIDIA SHIELD is the most powerful Android TV device currently available and the company has took to their blog today detailing exactly why if you are thinking about upgrading your home TV system, you should opt for the SHIELD over everything else, including Apple TV.

First off the blog comes with a detailed spec list charting the main hardware differences along with the features offered on all the devices. In terms of the hardware, NVIDIA note how their SHIELD comes with a quad-core 64-bit processor compared to the dual-core 64-bit processor on Apple TV. Not to mention, how much more significantly faster the NVIDIA processor is. Memory on the SHIELD is set at 3GB RAM while the Apple TV offers 2GB RAM. Although storage is more competitively priced for the Apple TV (32GB for $149.99 compared to 16GB for $199.99 on the SHIELD), NVIDIA note how their premium (Pro) option comes with a massive 500GB compared to Apple’s premium option which offers 64GB.

Moving away from the hardware aspects and NVIDIA continue to highlight the NVIDIA SHIELD is the choice for those who are interesting in gaming, thanks to the significantly heightened level of gaming available on the SHIELD compared to other Android TV devices and Apple TV. Not to mention, NVIDIA note how the SHIELD is the only choice for those thinking of 4K, as the SHIELD already offers the ability to stream and use 4K content now. For those interested in seeing the detailed differences between the options currently available (including Apple TV), check out the full list below.

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