November 9th Is The Release Date For The TAG Heuer Smartwatch

September 29, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Smartwatches are still not technically a mainstream device as the number of consumers who own one compared to the number of people who own a smartphone capable of working with a smartwatch is quite a bit lower. Nevertheless, smartwatches are continuing to gain traction and popularity and more watch brands are finding themselves delving into the unknown waters of manufacturing a more advanced, technological timepiece than they’re used to. Brands like Fossil are known to be manufacturing a smartwatch running Android Wear. Even luxury brands like Tag Heuer have confirmed they’re manufacturing a smartwatch to provide consumers with a more high-end choice to what’s currently available.

Until recently there hadn’t been many details regarding specific availability for the luxury smartwatch, but it’s now being stated that Tag Heuer has confirmed a launch date for the product of November 9th. Details of the Tag Heuer smartwatch first started emerging in December of last year where the rumor began to surface that they would be working with Intel to launch the device. In April of this year, more rumors emerged suggesting that Tag Heuer had plans for a launch date sometime towards the end of the year, possibly in October or November, and that the tentative cost would be upwards of $1,400. While there are still no exact details or confirmation on the price of the watch, the launch date seems to be right on target and matching up with previous rumors.

The Tag Heuer smartwatch according to Jean-Claud Biver who is the Chief of LVMH (the multi-national conglomerate who owns Tag Heuer) states that the watch will go on sale at 11 a.m. in New York as an answer to the Apple Watch and in an attempt to grab the attention of those seeking high-end smartwatches. The niche would be that, as Biver states, “it will look like a normal watch” which is something that is sure not going to fall on deaf ears. Function is certainly important, but watches have always been more for form and are thought of as an accessory and a fashion piece for most people. It could be this then that sets apart the offering from Tag Heuer.