Nova Launcher's Upcoming Feature Intros Proper Icon Scaling

Customization has long been one of the headlining features of Android. You can customize nearly every inch of the device if you have the dedication to do so. Most of this comes through the use of apps and widgets of course, but the fact remains it can be done. Apps like Nova Launcher are also a big part of the customization process, allowing users to tweak the look of icons via icon packs, while also changing the look of the app drawer color scheme, their wallpapers, and the status and navigation bars. With Nova Launcher you can customize just about anything, even how you launch apps from the homescreen thanks to the gestures feature.

Still, one of the most popular things to customize remains the icons. Icon packs are still a huge thing for many users who like to tinker with the design of their phone. The only issue is that often times icons can mismatch in size. There's not much the user could do about this short of looking for another icon pack, that is, unless this doesn't bother them. Nova launcher is working on a new feature however called 'Icon Normalization' which will basically scale the icons to the proper size based on Google's material design dimensions by analyzing for the shapes of all icons no matter the size prior to the scaling.

The new feature will also apparently look for non-standard geometric shapes and make size adjustments to scale those properly as well alongside the icons which are square, circle, and rectangle of both portrait and landscape orientation. At the moment Nova Launcher says this feature is in an early alpha stage, so it isn't available to the public or any general users of Nova. It is however going to be made available to the beta channel sometime in the near future. The only uncertain things at the moment are the exact date beta channel users will get access, and when TeslaCoil Software will officially update the Nova Launcher app to include Icon Normalization. For now, users will have to sit back and wait patiently for this to arrive.

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