Newcomer Nextbit Gets Over $500,000 In One Kickstarter Day

Nextbit Robin AH 14

Bold newcomer Nextbit has just made a huge statement before IFA 2015. If you have never heard of Nextbit, you are not alone. Nextbit is an upstart tech company made up of old Google Android and HTC executives among others. They have joined forces to create the world’s first cloud-based cell phone called Robin. Nextbit Robin’s main draw is that it sends all unused data and apps to the cloud and when it’s needed the user can grab it from the cloud whenever he or she wants. The beauty of that is, it saves a ton of space and battery because it only keeps what you often use on the phone while the rest is stored away till we need it. Nextbit co-founder and CTO Mike Chan spoke to Mashable and had this to say; “The software really lets us go beyond your physical device specs, “When you’re online, you have 100 gigs.” While also speaking to Mashable CEO Tom Moss added this; “Our goal is to never monetize storage, it’s to make sure you never run out of space,” If people tell us a year from now that’s not enough storage, we’ll actually grow that number.”

That one feature alone would have made Nextbit Robin a must have phone. Now when you throw in a  5.2 inch 1080p LCD screen a Snapdragon 808 processor, 3GB RAM,  32 GB onboard with 100 GB in the cloud storage, along with a fingerprint sensor. Add a 13MP rear camera, 2,680 mAh battery, and quick charging and now we see how the Nextbit Robin is starting to turn heads.

Well, turn heads it has because in less than 24 hours Nextbit Robin has already raced past its initial goal of $500,000 with only 1,427 backers as of today. Nextbit had asked for a month to raise the funds, but they did it all in one day, so in the next 29 days who knows how much they will raise.  Some of the packages to choose from ranged from the least expensive of $299 which gets you the phone in January 2016 (which is now sold out). The most expensive package of $6,950 gets you 20 Nextbit Robins in March 2016. Nextbit may have quietly entered the tech scene early today, but $500,000 later they have everyone’s attention now.