New Online Security Device Gets Overwhelming Crowdfunding

In only a span of two days, the Indiegogo funding campaign for the smart home security device (CUJO) has reached its goal of $30,000. As of now, the campaign has reached $48,035 with 580 backers and the numbers are still rising. This incredible amount of money donated to back the development of this device shows that many people are concerned about their online security and that they will pay good money to obtain it. According to the company that will develop the system of CUJO, any device that is connected to the internet is at risk of getting hacked and 70 percent of them are vulnerable to security breaches. Even something as innocent as a baby monitor can be hacked to use it a stepping stone to sneak into your internet system and steal valuable data such as your e-mail password or online banking details. CUJO plans to nip these security problems in the bud.

The CUJO device is a desktop hub about the size of your average mug and it has a cute exterior that belies its true function. This device is the embodiment of the saying "Big things come in small packages". It is designed to be connected to your wireless router and will monitor for any possible threats such as computer viruses and online hacking, to your connected devices. It acts as a gateway between the internet and router. It will analyse the traffic going through it to block out any potential threats before they reach your devices. This device will also learn how your devices act via machine learning. The company says that this device is able to monitor smart things such as security cameras, alarm systems, thermostats and smart door locks. It is able to monitor electronics such as baby monitors, wearables like a smart watches, smartphones, tablets, laptops, desktops, gaming systems and smart TVs.

You will be able to control the device via a connected app that is available for Android or iOS. The connected app will let you view your devices which are online and receive alerts about any security threats that the CUJO detects. The subscription of the security monitoring services for the device costs $9 per month or $89 per year.

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