Moto X Pure Allowing Free Hotspot for Verizon Unlimited Users

Moto X Pure HandsOn 2 AH 22

The Moto X Pure Edition started shipping out last week to the media (ours should be here soon!) and we're starting to see more and more coverage of the Moto X Pure Edition. Including that new gesture that allows you to talk to your phone and get info discreetly. According to a thread over on XDA, however, it appears that if you are on Verizon and are using the Moto X Pure Edition and are a grandfathered Unlimited user, you're getting Unlimited hotspot out of the box. That's a pretty awesome feature, but unfortunately, Motorola and Verizon will likely have a fix for that in the very near future. So don't count on that being around forever.

Just to be clear, the Moto X Pure Edition will start up the Hotspot tethering and have it working without doing a subscription check. So for those that have unlimited data but are not paying the $30/month for a hotspot, can enjoy this. We heard before release that this might work, but now we know for sure that is working. Pretty cool, but don't expect it to last.


The Moto X Pure Edition is available for pre-order now and is shipping out to some people. Through Moto Maker you are able to customize much of the phone, including the back material, colors, accent colors and even engrave it. It's one of the most anticipated smartphones this fall, as far as those that want stock Android. The Moto X Pure Edition features a 5.7-inch QHD display. Many are complaining that it's such a big upgrade as far as the display goes, but it's the same upgrade as last year. With the 2013 being 4.7 and going to 5.2 in 2014 and now 5.7 in 2015. It also features Qualcomm's Snapdragon 808 hexa-core processor with 3GB of RAM. We're looking at 16GB, 32GB and 64GB models as well.

One of the more exciting features of the Moto X Pure Edition is the fact that it runs on all four carriers seamlessly. No needing to change up the APN's or activate it on another carrier, just put your SIM in and you're good to go. Pretty exciting. You can check out the XDA thread in the sources below for more information on the Hotspot for the Moto X Pure Edition on Verizon.

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