Moto 360 Pre-Orders Now Live On The Google Store

September 2, 2015 - Written By John Anon

If you have been waiting for the Motorola news to finally come through, then the waiting is over. Lenovo has taken to the stage now and unveiled a number of products and announced availability of others. In terms of the new products, the big one by far, is the next generation Moto 360. Lenovo has now officially unveiled the second gen device and confirmed that there are two versions, the standard Moto 360 and the more sportier Moto 360. That said, this being a Motorola product, means there is a level of customization on offer that you are unlikely to find with other companies and the Moto 360 is no exception.

As well as coming in two models, the standard Moto 360 is also available in a ‘his and hers’ type format (or small and large if you prefer). Now depending on what type you go for and of course, what customization you add on will affect the price. However, the starting price for the Moto 360 2015 comes in at $299 while the more expensive combination will set you back a cool $449. They are all now available to pre-order through Motorola’s site using Moto Maker.

However, if you are after a more quick fix solution to getting hold of the Moto 360 and not so interested in having to deal with the choices and customization on offer, then it looks like they are now also available to pre-order through the Google Store too. Of course, through the Google Store you are looking at far less options but they do have the base models. The Moto 360 for Men is currently priced at $299, although it is only available in black. The brown (or Cognac to be accurate) is not available yet and simply listed as coming soon. While the Moto 360 for Women is listed for pre-order for $329.99. Word of caution though, these are only pre-orders and although they both currently offer a ‘buy now’ function, when checking out, both are listed a delivery time of three to four weeks. So this is not an option to get the Moto 360 any quicker, just one to save the time on choosing or customizing. Hit the source link below to head over to the Google Store and check them out for yourself