Model Numbers Revealed For 18.4-inch Samsung Tablet

Samsung Logo AH8

When tablets started to become mainstream in the market, they were small with manufacturers looking to cut down on size and offer a more affordable and compact tablet. That has however started to change with devices like the Microsoft Surface Pro becoming more of a hit. Now manufacturers are looking to bump up the screen size and give consumers all the features and necessities of a full-fledged computer on a thin device. One of the bigger tablets gearing up to release in the market comes with an 18.4-inch display from Samsung. While details are pretty scarce for the device, we have new information about the tablet thanks to the Indian Zauba import database.

It was just last month that news started to release online that Samsung was possibly testing a tablet that featured an 18.4-inch display which would be a rather upscale compared to what tablet displays normally range in. However, at the moment, Samsung seems to be pretty tight lipped with the device especially if the reports from last month are true, the manufacture is only testing out the idea of a monster 18.4-inch display.  Although during IFA of this year Samsung did showcase a teaser for a new tablet known as the Galaxy View and because of it there is already speculation online that is suggesting this new tablet is the 18.4-inch unnamed tablet from Samsung.

Regardless of the recent speculations, the latest news of the device comes in the form of a model number. According to the Indian Zauba import database and Bluetooth SIG entry, the 18.4–inch tablet from Samsung has some model numbers which are the SM-T670 and the SM-T677A. Although these model numbers show that Samsung is still toying with the idea of releasing a larger screen tablet, official word of the device is still under wraps.

It will be interesting to see just how well the Samsung 18.4-inch display will do in today’s market. There are several aspects that Samsung could compete with right now because of Microsoft’s Surface Pro and the latest Apple iPad Pro announcement that comes with a kickstand and keyboard similar to the Microsoft Surface Pro. Another aspect would also be pricing compared to the two other major tablet competition but for now we’ll just have to wait and see if anything comes from Samsung on the matter.