Meizu Managed To Sell Over 2.8 Million Devices In August

September 1, 2015 - Written By Kristijan Lucic

Meizu is currently one of the fastest-growing smartphone manufacturers in the world. This China-based OEM is still not amongst the top Chinese OEMs by sheer sales numbers, but they’re getting there, quick. The company has released a number of compelling devices in the last year or so, and that shows in their financial results. They’re constantly increasing their profits, and it is going to interesting to see what happens next. Meizu has managed to sell 8.9 million smartphones in the first half of this year, which actually means they managed to increase their sales 540% (no, it’s not a typo) compared to the previous year.

That being said, the company has just released some additional sales info for us to check out. The company has said that their sales exceed 2.89 million devices in August, which is a new record for the company. This might not seem like a lot of devices compared to Samsung or Xiaomi, but it’s huge for Meizu considering they are constantly upping the ante for themselves. Meizu has announced four devices this year, the Meizu M1 arrived back in January, and Meizu M2, M2 Note and MX5 all arrived in the last couple of months. The first three devices are the company’s mid-range offerings, and the latter one is their flagship for this year, a phone we’ve already reviewed.

Meizu was supposed to announce the MX5 Pro this year as well, but that won’t happen it seems. Meizu has cancelled the development of this smartphone, and the whole ‘MX Pro’ line going forward. The company will focus on manufacturing the new premium handset instead, and according to a recent leak, the phone might be called Meizu ME5, though it’s possible this is just a codename or something similar to that. That device is said to arrive in Q1 2016, so the question remains, will Meizu actually announce another smartphone this year? Well, judging by what we’ve seen thus far, no, but who knows, it would actually be quite odd if they don’t release anything considering the last device they announced arrived back in June. Either way, stay tuned for more info, we’re sure something will pop up soon.