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There are, let's face it, more headphones and earphone manufacturers than you can comfortably list in a day. Master & Dynamic is a relative newcomer to the stage, designing all of their products in New York, striving to deliver good-looking headphones that sound good and last 'for decades'. The company has more than proven themselves in the audio game with the MH40 we reviewed quite some time ago, that featured an excellent warm, rich yet accurate sound signature that sound great with anything. Of course, the MH40 are an expensive set of headphones that not everyone can afford, and some prefer earphones. That's why Master & Dynamic also offer the ME01 and ME03, but today they're introducing the new ME05, a premium pair of earphones constructed from brass and sporting the same attention to detail as the MH40.

As per the company's press release, the ME05 are "precision-machined from solid brass and then hand-finished" and feature an 8mm custom balanced-armature driver that delivers the brands signature warm yet accurate sound. The reason Master & Dynamic have gone for brass instead of say aluminum or plastic is that beyond its natural acoustic qualities, the New York brand is passionate about producing products to last. The flagship MH40 features easily-replaced parts to keep your pair going for decades, and they've introduced something similar here. Should you lose an eartip, you can easily replace that on any set of earphones, but they've introduced interchangeable filters – not to change the sound signature – but to be replaced should they get clogged or damaged.


It's refreshing to not only see a US headphone manufacturer produce great products out of New York, but also to see a brand like this striving to eliver longevity as well as quality sound. So many manufacturers skimp on build quality that leaves a sour taste in your mouth, no matter how good they sound. Master & Dynamic is keen to buck that trend and hope listeners will be using their products for many happy years to come. With excellent customer service to boot, the company has only five products on offer, which is another sign that they care about their customers, rather than just looking ahead to the next money spinner. The new ME05 will retail for $199 and £149 and are available to order starting today.

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