Manage Android Pay With Less Lock Screens

Some of us just hate lock screens, they can be annoying when you have to open your device during a time of need such as sending off a quick text message or making an urgent call. Just enter the wrong code and you will be tempted to swear quietly as you attempt to enter the correct code again. As times are changing, there will be a steady amount of Android users who will switch from using physical cash to use Android Pay to purchase items such as clothes or food without the hassle of using real money. This is a convenient system, but we need the security that lock screens provide to prevent any itchy hands from using your Android Pay account without permission or stealing your account details.

There is a way to have security for your Android Pay account and to accommodate your dislike of constantly having to unlock the screen whenever you want to use your phone. Set up a lock screen using your system settings or the Android Pay account. Make a  lockscreen password or PIN code, download Tasker and Secure Settings from the Play Store. After doing so, make a profile in the Tasker app, press the plus button at the bottom of the screen, choose the "Application"option and select the Android Pay app from the list of apps. After you completed this, press the back button.

At this point, Tasker would show you some options available for the app in this profile. You have to select "New Task", press the plus button at the bottom of the screen, open "Plugins" and select the "Secure Settings" option. You will then have to find the category of the lock screen that you set up earlier selected if you chosen the lock screen option. If you are using the a PIN code, make your way to the "Dev Admin Actions" listings, select the "Password/PIN" option and set it to "ON" You should then go back by pressing the back button until you find yourself at the main Profiles tab and press the task you just created for five seconds and select the option "Add exit task". Repeat the instructions of the paragraph above but this time, select"Off" for the "Password/PIN" option. Finally, press the back button until you are out to Tasker and you are done! The lock screen or PIN code would remain active as long as your Android Pay app is running. When your app stops running, the lock screen or PIN code would not be activated.

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