Leak: Google Accidentally Leaks New LG W3 Android Wear Smartwatch

LG Logo AH6

Today has been a day full of announcements from Google. They introduced two new phones in the form of the LG Nexus 5X and the Huawei Nexus 6P. There was also a new hybrid tablet on show in the form of the Pixel C. Not to mention, two new Chromecasts were also unveiled with one being the successor to the original Chromecast and the second deigned specifically for audio. Unfortunately though, there was no Android Wear devices on show for those who might have secretly been hoping for a Nexus watch.

That said, the press site which was set up to advise of the days proceedings might have let slip a new smartwatch that is on the way. The watch in question is the LG W3 and the press paperwork specifically states that it was to be previewed today during the event. However, as it is now clear, that did not happen. What’s more interesting is that the paperwork details that the LG W3 is the first Android Wear standalone cellular watch. As such, it will come with its own SIM card and will not have to be reliant on being connected to another device, like your smartphone. During the event, Google did spend a few minutes talking about Android Wear, although no specific mention or reference was provided for the LG W3. Which begs the question, was this an accidental leak which made its way into the press material?

Of course, LG do have an event coming up next week on October 1st and there has been some debate as to what the event will offer. Especially as one of the Nexus devices which was announced today was an LG smartphone. Well, there has been rumors of late about a new LG smartwatch that is on the way and it had been suggested that it could launch towards the end of September. With all those points in mind and considering the leaked name today, it does look like the next LG smartwatch, would could be released next month and possible shown off in a few days time, is the LG W3. You can see the details in the image below.

lg w3