IFTTT’s DO Button App Gets Android Wear Support

September 2, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Android is capable of all sorts of little things users might not even know about, and that’s part of the beauty. There is always something new to learn about the device and with the advancement of technology at the pace that we experience it today, the Android OS is always seemingly gaining new functionality through new hardware tech as well as various applications that utilize the already existing technology baked into current mobile devices. If you’re someone who likes to tinker around with automation using your Android smartphone or tablet, you may have heard of IFTTT, a series of apps that lets you use the internet connected capabilities of your device to make your device do more for you.

As of today, IFTTT updated one of their applications called the DO Button by IFTTT, which brings in some new useful functionality that existing users and newcomers will likely find appealing and handy. The app is already capable of many, many things including using it to manipulate smart home products if you have any number of connected devices like the Nest Thermostat for example, as well as a ton of other things using specific IFTTT recipes and channels. As of today’s update to DO Button, those with Android Wear devices will be able to use the app from their wrists thanks to the recent inclusion of Android Wear support which should make things a whole lot more convenient.

This means users will now be able to use their Android Wear smartwatches to do any number of things like send emails, track and log workouts and activity details, communicate through Slack, turn off your smart oven or even edit and create calendar events. It’s all in the power of the IFTTT channels and recipes, and now users will have that power on their wrist. Alongside this new Android Wear support, IFTTT is also introducing a collection of new channels to make the app even more useful, including channels for Adafruit, Amazon Cloud Drive, Camio, dondeEsta Family, iSecurity+, Wattio, and Wolfram Data Drop. As with generally any app update, users should also find that things run a bit smoother as the IFTTT team also baked in some improvements and bug fixes. If you already use the app, the update should be live in the Play Store for you. If not, you can easily download it.