IFA 2015 Day 5 Roundup: What You Need To Know


IFA Day 5 is over and the event is definitely slowing down as most of the big announcements were made last week. This still left room for some smaller things to be displayed though so we still got our eyes on a few exciting things before the event wrapped up for the day. Most people may only be familiar with bigger brands when it comes to mobile phones, but there are plenty of vendors coming out of the woodwork at IFA, like HiSense who actually makes quite the range of consumer electronics. Today at the event they showcased their C1 and C20 smartphones which have an impressive feature set.

They also showcased their Magic Mirro tablet which we were able to get some hands-on time with. This tablet from HiSense has almost no bezel whatsoever which would likely be very appealing to many consumers. Another smartphone vendor at the event, Siswoo, showed off their two of their upcoming smartphones as well: The R9 Darkmoon with a second screen on the back, and the i8.


Smartphones are not the only thing to see at an event like IFA though. There were numerous companies showing off products having to do with audio, like Urbanears who had some of their headphones on display, as weel as RHA who had their brand new S500i in-ear headphones and DACAMP on display, and Onkyo who showed off a prototype model of their upcoming wire-free Bluetooth earbuds. If you're looking for something a little bigger than a pair of earbuds or headphones, Raumfeld was on hand to show off their multi-room soundbar. If you missed anything from today, we've rounded everything up for you which you can find in the links below.


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