Humble Mobile Bundle 15 Is Live With Six Awesome Games

September 21, 2015 - Written By Justin Diaz

Humble Bundle is back with a new mobile bundle, the fifteenth one to be exact, which tells you how long they’ve been handing out collections of really awesome games for a low cost and for a good cause. Humble Mobile Bundle 15 features six mobile games all which have something to offer gamers of every type. So, no matter your favorite type of game chances are the bundle will include something you’ll find appealing. As with most of the more recent Humble Bundles, you can pay a small amount to grab some great games while also helping charity, but only a few games are unlocked by paying the lower price. If you pay the average amount which at the time of writing sits at $4.39, you can also unlock three more games, as well as any other games that end up getting added to the bundle later on, which usually happens about a week after the bundle goes live initially.

To kick things off, you can pay just $1 and unlock Trouserheart, Real Boxing Premium, and Governor of Poker 2. All of these games are at least $1 on the Play Store individually so that makes it a pretty great deal. If however you want to expand your gaming library a little more, you can pay the average amount of $4.39 to unlock the three remaining titles, which includes Great Little War Game 2, Desert Golfing, and Tiny Guardians.

The bundle would be awesome for just those six games alone, but as per usual, those who pick up the bundle for the average amount will be able to unlock any upcoming games added to the bundle in the next week or so. Unfortunately, there is no way to know what those games will be until they’re added, but they usually end up being pretty decent. This bundle adds a good mix of different game genres, and it just went live today officially so there is close to two full weeks before the bundle goes away completely. Sometime next week gamers can expect the new additions to the bundle. If you feel like picking some awesome games for a low price and helping charity, you can head to the Humble Bundle website below.