Huawei Wants Your Opinion On Pre-Installed Applications

Huawei today asked members of its fan club a very important question that a lot of us complain about, do you like pre-installed software on your phone?  Most phones come with Facebook or Amazon installed on the device and there is no way to uninstall them.  But what if you don't use Facebook or Amazon, now you are stuck with them always there, always taking up space.  This is a problem that every manufacturer and carrier deals with so cudos to Huawei for stepping up and finally asking their customers what they want.  The results of the survey will be used internally by Huawei for future devices.  

Now some carriers and manufacturers have gotten better with this problem but still most phones come pre-loaded with a handful of apps that some people won't use.  Sure Android will let us hide the apps so we don't see them every day but that doesn't solve the problem of it being there in the first place.  Facebook is currently close to 300MB which is a huge application.  Just think if you were one of the few people who didn't use the service, would you like that big of a file taking up space on your device?  Probably not.  

Huawei is believed to be the manufacturer behind the 2015 Nexus lineup for Google which all are stock with no pre-loaded applications.  This could be a sign the company has learned something from Google and will be adopting the stock Android policy going forward.  

The Android community has been saying for awhile that devices need to come stock with just Android and the basic Google applications and nothing more.  Everyone who owns a smartphone can figure out how to get into the Play Store and download applications they need.  This task of pre-loading applications is no longer a service to the customers but a disservice to anyone who doesn't need or want those applications.  This is not a new subject and the conversation about bloatware will be a long lasting one, but thanks to Huawei their customers are getting an avenue to speak their mind directly to the company.


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