Huawei Nexus Case Leaks Further Hint at Fingerprint Sensor


Each year we seem to go through the same old routine, the closer we get to the Fall, the more we start to hear about a new Nexus. Usually, the rumors turn out to be true, and LG's first attempt at a Nexus smartphone famously leaked out in full thanks to some enterprising Russian reviewers. The giant Nexus 6 was leaked heavily before its release and now, we're back at it with the Huawei Nexus. This week, despite the buzz surrounding IFA 2015, we saw one of two rumored Nexus devices leak out in the form of the 5-inch Nexus 5X from LG. Clearly, the 5.9-inch Nexus 6 has proven popular, which is why Google seems to be producing two devices this year, with the 5.0-inch Nexus 5X catering to those looking for a smaller device and a rumored 5.5-inch Huawei-made Nexus for those looking for something a little larger.

Now, in more case leaks for an upcoming Nexus device from Huawei a fingerprint sensor cutout is shown on the rear of the cases. These match up with the circular design of the Nexus 5X and it would make sense that Google wants at least some design continuity with these two devices. Launching both Nexus devices with fingerprint sensors is also unsurprising as Android 6.0 Marshmallow is to launch with native fingerprint support and Android Pay, also launch this Fall, will be heavily reliant on fingerprint authentication.


Back to the case leaks in question, these appear to the generic cases that are available for every smartphone under the sun, and are often referred to as "S Curve" designs. The fact that case manufacturers throughout China are ready for a Huawei Nexus launch would give the rumors some credence, but as this is such a generic case design, it wouldn't be too hard for manufacturers to change measurements closer to the time. Either way, the Huawei Nexus and LG Nexus devices seem all but set for a launch this Fall. Google have apparently scheduled a launch event for later this month, so we shouldn't have too much more to wait and see.

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