HTC’s “Handsome” Device Due To Be Unveiled September 6th

September 1, 2015 - Written By John Anon

When it comes to HTC, many probably thought that once the company introduced the HTC One M9 most of the speculation and rumors would come to an end. In reality, this was anything but the case. In fact, due to what was perceived as a mundanely updated device, almost instantly, the rumors began circulating about the One M9, overheating and even the next flagship device.

Since then, speculation has been rife as to what can be expected from HTC. What has been consistent about the rumors is the company are planning on releasing another ‘premium’ smartphone before the year is out. However, that is the only consistent element of the rumors with everything else varying wildly. Some of have suggested, the next HTC device will be a direct follow up to the One M9 but changed to be the HTC O2. While others have suggested the next premium HTC device will be the HTC Aero, which was recently suggested to be the HTC A9 (and even some suggestions, this is the HTC One A9). As such, what is coming is largely debated.

Well, HTC have now started teasing a new device in China on the popular social media platform, Weibo. As to be expected with a teaser, almost no details were provided about the device and even the image (shown above) is limited in what it shows. That said, what is worth noting is that the announcement details that this new device is due to be shown off on September 6th, this coming Sunday. This is a little earlier than what had been expected with the rumors suggested the device would be unveiled in either October or November, although, if this is the next premium device, then that does not seem to be the case. On a side note, the device referenced in the teaser is “MengYao”, which in itself, also does not provide anything much to go on. Although, it is being said that MengYao does translate to “handsome”, so take what you will from that. Still with September 6th only a few days away, it looks like the wait for HTC’s next premium device could be nearing.