HTC Schedule "World Best Meets The Best" Event For Sep 29th


HTC has been enduring an extremely turbulent 2015. If all the reports are to be believed, then this has been the worst year for the company, for quite sometime. Although, the One M series seemed to be bringing the company back to the limelight, after the latest incarnation, the One M9, it is this very line which now seems to be threatening to bring HTC down. Since the launch of the device, the company had faced much criticism, as well as other reports that the company is struggling financially, suffering consecutive losses and facing restructuring.

As such, reports have also suggested that the company are planning to launch a new "premium" device before the year is out. One which is being seen as a way for them to try and rescue 2015 in some capacity. In fact, as well as being touted as premium, it has also been touted as "flagship", a "Hero" device and most recently a "handsome" device. Although, in terms of the handsome device, this was scheduled for a September 6th launch and ended up being the mid-range HTC Desire 728. For those wondering about what the device, it is expected to be the HTC One A9, which again, also went by the HTC A9 and even the HTC Aero monikers over the last few months.


Well, consistent with the rumors, it now looks like the launch of the next HTC device has become official. HTC has sent out a teaser image for a launch event due to take place on September 29th. Which is interestingly, the same day being touted for the launch of the next Nexus devices from Huawei and LG. Although, it is not obviously clear that this event will be for the next flagship HTC device, the tagline which comes with the teaser reads "The World Best Meets The Best" and therefore, certainly would imply that this is going to be the much speculation upon sequel flagship device of 2015. That said, the event is scheduled for Japan and as such, there is no clear indications if this will even be a device that becomes available outside of Asia. With September 29th not too far away though, it shouldn't be too long before we find out which device this is going to be and more importantly, whether it can help HTC.

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