Honor Offers 5 Years Of Free Goods For Naming New Smartwatch

September 1, 2015 - Written By John Anon

Huawei has been making waves in the mobile world of late and likewise their sub-brand, Honor, has also started making a few ways of its own. Honor is looking to cement its place more more in Europe and only recently unveiled its latest European smartphone addition, the Honor 7. This phone had been already launched in China and as such, the recent launch was purely designed for the European extending of the Honor 7 footprint.

That said, prior to the Honor 7 Euro launch and at the start of July, Honor also teased a new wearable the company was planning on unveiling. The wearable seemed to be a smartwatch, one sporting a round display and one currently being dubbed as the Honor Band Zero. At the time, little was known about the Honor Band Zero beyond what could be determined from the teaser image. Although, a couple of weeks ago, the company more officially unveiled the new watch. Well, Honor has now provided some more details, although, they are not what you might expect.

It seems Honor Band Zero will not be the new name for the smartwatch and instead, Honor is turning to the public to help name the wearable. Honor is asking the public to help the name the smartwatch and as a reward, for the one(s) who provide the name that Honor ultimately proceed with, they will be in line to receive Honor goods for free and for the next five years. Although, it is impossible to know what will be released from the company in that time-frame, five years worth of free stuff from any manufacturer is a prize worth paying attention to. To clarify, according to Honor, “the person who submits the winning name will receive all Honor products for the next five years on sale in his/her country, until 2020.” To take part in the contest, entries need to be made via Honor’s Facebook account or via @HonorEU on Twitter.

If you need some inspiration to help with your name selection, then the Honor Band Zero does come with a round 1.06-inch display, it will monitor your sleep, sports a 70 mAh battery, is waterproof (to 10m) and IP68 dust resistant certified. For those just interested in buying the new wearable, Honor has confirmed it will be on sale from Q4 of this year and initially through Honor’s vMall. After which, a more gradual roll-out through Europe is expected with the device selling for €79 in Europe and £59 in the UK.