This Is What Happens When You Drop A Galaxy Note 5 From 900 ft

This year's breed of smartphones from Samsung have a great visual appeal, and the Galaxy Note 5 is by no doubt a great looking device. A metal frame with glass both in front and on the back, as well as that display. There is little arguing with whether or not the design team did a great job. Taking the beauty aside, the back glass and the unibody makes the phone at least look very fragile. As such, it is probably wise you shouldn't risk dropping it and more so than with the likes of the Galaxy S3 or Galaxy S4. For those devices and most of the time, they would just fall and be dismantled in a few pieces that you could put all back together again. While it is easy to tell what happens if you drop your phone in a daily situation, can you imagine what would happen if you dropped the Note 5 from 900ft (around 300m)?

Popular YouTube channel UnlockRiver tried it out and the results are at least incredible. Their test was pretty simple - a drone took the phone to 900 ft and then let it go, with the device entering a free fall to the ground. The short video at the bottom shows the whole operation, including the moment the phone hit the asphalt, producing a loud bang.

After hitting the ground, the glass panel, as expected, was entirely shattered. The main impact happened in the left bottom area, splitting the aluminum frame and resulting in the S Pen getting stuck. The beautiful 5.7-inch QHD screen was still working, although, badly damaged. The touch sensors stopped working, so, no touchscreen there. Other than the faulty screen, the phone was functioning properly and it was even able to make and receive calls, and the camera was still working.

The results are pretty amazing and surprising. The fact that the phone was still working after falling from 900 ft awarded the Note 5 an "extreme durability score" of 8 out of 10. It's worth saying that you shouldn't try this at home. Other than the fact that your phone may not be so lucky, it is extremely dangerous for you, for people nearby and even for air traffic in the area. You will also need a special authorization from authorities to fly drones like this.

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