Hands-On With Smarter's Tea And Coffee Maker


With technology advancing at such a rapid rate even tools as basic as the coffee maker and tea kettle are becoming smarter and more connected. At IFA this week, Smarter introduced and showed off their brand new iKettle 2.0 and Smarter Coffee Machine aimed at making simple tasks such as brewing tea and coffee smarter and easier. Through the use of mobile apps for example, one could use the Smarter Coffee Machine to brew a pot of coffee remotely from another room in the house with ease. This means you could wake up, open the app, start a brew all before you even hop out of bed. It also allows you to set alarms for a brew to start at specific times so it's ready the moment you wake up. If you love your coffee this could be one super useful feature. You can also select from 1-12 cups of coffee and integrated water sensors can alert you to how much you can make.

The machine also has a built-in grinder to grind whole beans for you, and the app allows you to adjust the coarseness of the grind as well as the strength of your brew. When it comes to the iKettle 2.0, this is the second version of the popular WiFi kettle from Smarter. It comes with new features like the water level sensor mentioned on the Smarter Coffee Machine, and a new formula mode that allows you to set the kettle to a boil followed by a notification when the water is ready for you. It also allows for remote start from the app just like the coffee machine and has a wake mode if you choose to schedule alarms. All these features can be managed from the app. If you're the type that likes to brew a cup of tea when you get home, the new Home Mode gently prompts you with a question of whether or not you'd like to set the kettle to boil the moment you walk in the door. Both devices will be available starting next month and will each cost $149.99 USD, £99.99 GBP, or â‚¬149.99 Euros.

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