Grand Sphere Is A F2P RPG Offering Real-Time Battles

Grand Sphere is all about role playing and adventure. The story centers around powerful beings known as Grand Spheres who wield immense strength and abilities. You play as a Grand Sphere and must rescue the Princess Stella while also saving the kingdom of Astrum. As typical with many kinds of mobile RPGs you get run through a small tutorial so you know how to play which isn't something you'd find in old school RPG titles from early console days. This helps to get players acquainted with the game and learn how to cast spells and unleash attacks, heal your party, up your defense and more.

Like any RPG there is a story to follow in between quests, but if you aren't one for the story as much Grand Sphere allows you to skip right past it if you like, basically forgoing the immersion a little bit and diving instead right into the action of the battles. Quest battles can be a tiny bit complex at first as there are a quite a few important elements to be aware of, but the game does a nice job and familiarizing the different things you can do in a battle. Your main attacks come from placing your party members in a certain order to get the most out of your attack, which will become increasingly important as all enemies and your own party members have special attributes, and these attributes have more or less effectiveness against certain other types. Alongside normal attacks your characters will also have their own unique attack abilities based on their attributes and you can summon powerful creatures from time to time.

Combat is in real time and can be with up to four players so there is a little bit of a multiplayer aspect to it if you wish, but you can play everything by yourself too if you would rather fly solo. Throughout the game you'll be able to collect up to 150 different unit types to use for your party, all with their own special skills. In addition to the story, Grand Sphere also includes voice acting which helps to immerse the player even more. Grand Sphere is free to play, and is a decent little RPG worth checking out for those who like role playing games.

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